Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Haul

So I went shopping today and decided to show you guys what I got..
First I got a few OPI nail polishes. Lucky Lucky Lavender, Jade is the new black, (both from the Hong Kong collection) and You don't know Jacques! A terrible thing happened while I was purchasing these.. I was holding all three in one hand and all of the sudden.. bang. Yes, I dropped one on the floor and it splattered everywhere. I was so embarrassed and the lady working there was not happy at all but she didn't even charge me for it. Yep, pretty embarrassing.
These next three things are from Aerie. This is there new perfume called 'Aerie in love'. I actually got this one because right when I walked in the store it smelt wonderful so I asked what the smell was and it was this! I love the smell but I'm not a big fan of the packaging. Oh, and I got the lotion in the same scent for free with my purchase! This one is called Carly obviously haha and the main reason I bought this was because of the adorable bow on the top. It smells good too though.

I love this bikini. It's from Aerie also. I've always been a fan of floral and I'm happy because floral things are in style right now but I'm also sad because everyone and their mother likes floral now, too. haha

These last two things are from Forever 21. This is just the cutest little bow ring. I'm kind of obsessed with bow things at the moment.

This is just a cute little hello kitty key cap.

*Everything on here was paid for with my own money and these are my own opinions.
Well, that's all. Hope you enjoyed seeing all my little goodies I got today!
bye loves!
- Aubrey

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  1. that pink opi looks so springy and pretty!
    && i also love the bow.
    bows are just the cutest!