Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

This week I purchased the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge.
I've been wanting to try a sponge application after hearing about the Beauty blender (the pink sponge).
I couldn't bare the thought of spending $20 on a sponge so I got the Sonia Kashuk version of the beauty blender for $9.99
(I've also heard that there is an even cheaper version from Ulta) I am really liking this blending sponge! I've used it for three applications (using my MAC studio fix fluid) and I just love the coverage it gives you. The application is so even and you can build up the coverage as much as you would like.
You must soak the sponge before using it to apply foundation. It doesn't come with directions which is the downside but you MUST soak this under water then squeeze it out.
I use the bottom of the sponge for the majority of my face and the top pointy part for places like around my nose and under my eyes.
The right is the beauty blender (which I do not own) and the left is the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge. You can see that there is a bit of a shape difference but I feel like the shape of the cheaper one is even better!

Have any of you tried the beauty blender?
Have you all had great experiences with the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge like I have?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chanel- soleil tan de chanel

I FINALLY broke down and bought the soleil tan de chanel! (bronzer universal)
I have been wanting this forever and what finally made me give in was hearing alexandra( talk about this all the time.
I am so excited to try this and I have really high expectations because of the price!
Have you tried this before?
Is it worth the price?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybelline Super Stay vs. MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I have had my MAC studio fix fluid for a while and I had recently heard good things about Maybelline Super Stay Makeup so I decided to give it a try
Maybelline- Nude MAC- NW20
L: Maybelline R: MAC
I think that they look pretty similar here don't you think?

Once they are blended (just using my fingers) it almost appears that the Maybelline blended better but it could just be that the color matches me better?
I like both of these products pretty equally but there is quite a bit of price difference so if you're trying to save some money then I would go for the Maybelline.
Has anyone else tried these? Which one do you like better?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

NYX lipliners

I have been in love with these lipliners recently. I've even been wearing them by themselves!
I've really been loving the darker colors for fall!
Most of all I love the price of these!
L-R: Mauve, Dolly Pink, Deep purple, Rose, Burgundy, Flower, Natural

Do you girls like the NYX lipliners?
Which other shades do I need to get?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lauren Conrad books & Favorite blogger!

I headed out to Barnes and Noble this morning to pick these up and I'm so excited to read them!

Did you pick up these books today?

On another subject..

I found Alexandra through youtube and she has such great style and has the cutest personality!

She makes great youtube videos and she also has a blog!
Oh and did I mention she makes beautiful jewelry and sells it on Etsy?!
Let me know if you love her videos and blogs as much as I do!

Monday, October 4, 2010

YSL lipsticks

I have been loving my new YSL lipsticks!
These are 1 and 7
They are so creamy and have great color pay off! They are a bit pricey but definitely worth it!
Any other colors that I must add to my collection?

I'm back with venomous villains!

I'm so sorry that I've been gone for so long!
I have so much to show you!
MAC venomous villainsToxic Tale,Innocence, Beware!, Heartless
Briar Rose Beauty Powder

Anything else that I NEED?
What did you all get from this collection?