Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mascara Combination

I just thought I would share with you girls what my favorite mascara combination has been for the past couple months. First I curl my lashes then apply Covergirl lash blast length. This really is great for lengthening. It does not clump at all because it does not give volume, only length, that's why I apply Rimmel Max Volume Flash next.(After waiting a couple minutes) This gives a lot of volume like it says. I know my lashes don't look perfect but I like them!
Covergirl Lash Blast Length

Rimmel Max Volume Flash
Hope this will help you with your next mascara purchase!
*I bought these with my own money so this is all my own opinion.


  1. Your lashes DO look perfect! No clumping at all and they are long and full!

  2. youre eyes are gorgeous!
    and that mascara works like a charm.

  3. Good tip! I've heard of doing that before, but wasn't sure which brands to mix! I'll try this soon!

    I completely forgot to let you know yesterday...I tagged you in a post! Hope you enjoy mine and respond!