Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Chanel lipstick and I don't know what I think about it

So I finally gave in and got a Chanel lipstick mainly because of the hype and the brand name.
I got this in the color Chintz
I had a hard time finding a color that I liked since I'm used to the wide color variation from MAC
Anyone have any suggestions on good colors?
I like the consistency of the lipstick I'm just not sure if I like the colors
What's your favorite Chanel lipstick color?
and what's your favorite Chanel makeup product?


  1. i have actually never tried chanel makeup products. i've read that the consistency of chanel lipsticks is really good and creamy (like you said you like it, haha), not too sure about colors though.

    <3, Mimi

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  3. The colour looks lovely from what I can see, if you're not sure, then maybe you could mix it with some others you have?

  4. I love Chanel lipsticks. Chintz is a nice color. Have you looked at Admirable or Naive from the Rouge Allure line? Those are glossier and more moisturizing.

  5. I love Chanel! I've blogged several Chanel lipsticks so have a look. Either under the Lipstick category
    or the Chanel category, depending on your interests :-)

  6. Someone got tagged ;))