Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda!

I was so excited to get this is the mail today!
I ordered this from (yes, Elle and Blair's website)
because I had one from last year and I loved it so I had to get another! They have so many cute ones on the website it's hard to choose from!
They are $24.95 which is a good deal for a 17 month agenda PLUS it's Lilly Pulitzer!It comes in this cute little packaging.
It goes from August 2010 - December 2011
(which is different from the older agendas that they sold last year)
the inside is so cute

This is mine from last year
It went from January 2010- December 2010
So yes, I could of continued to use this one for another five months but I couldn't resist the new agendas.
Do you like my new agenda?

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