Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath & Body Works Haul

It seems like Bath & Body works is always having a good sale so I decided to swing buy and get some things I "needed".
This is a 'Scentportable'. Once you buy one of these all you need to do is buy the refills in any scent you could imagine. I already own a Scentportable but I couldn't resist this cute little guy. $6

Here is the refill for the Scentportable in the scent Island Nectar

(My favorite scent is Pomegranate Lemonade!)


(Pack of two)

Mentha Lip Buffer

I've been needing something to get the dry dead skin off my lips (Ew!) and I'm hoping this will do the trick


Twilight Woods foaming hand soap

Love this stuff, had to buy more

Wallflower home fragrance refill
in the scent Sweet Pea, although my favorite is Pomegranate Lemonade
on sale for $3

Mango Mandarin Body Lotion

I got this for free for spending over $10
originally retails for $10.50
Click on the link to print the coupon!

Midnight Pomegranate Cooling Mist

I'm pretty sure the only reason I got this was because it was on sale for $3
Nothing too special in my opinion

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