Monday, July 12, 2010

Anything and everything for a fake tan

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer &
Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer
(phew could the name be any longer?)
These come in two different shades, fair to medium skin tones and medium to tan skin tones
I purchased the lighter one for my face and soon found out I needed the darker shade
I personally think these are better for people who have a very light skin tone because for me It doesn't give me enough color. It takes about four days of putting this on about twice a day to notice a difference and it's still not much of a difference.
The smell of this isn't pleasant but I can stand it.

St. Moriz Tanning Mousse

This is personally my favorite self tanner I've tried before.
(I haven't tried the St. Tropez before, should I?)
This gives me the instant gratification that I want.
I use gloves when I put this on just so I don't have to worry about staining my hands.

This one does not have a bad smell in my opinion, It smells very clean like soap

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self- Tanning Lotion

This lotion also gives you more of an instant gratification.
It has a lot of glimmer in it so I personally usually just use it on my legs.

It doesn't have a very pleasant smell.

Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

Definitely not my favorite product.
This is pretty much a regular moisturizer with micro bronzer beads in it
the beads burst when you rub the lotion in and it does turn a nice bronzy color
But the ratio of micro beads to lotion is very slim

In the picture of the lotion on my hand there are probably four or five micro beads in the lotion
Which is not enough micro beads for your face and too much lotion for your face

The Body Shop Body & Leg Shine
This comes in two shades and I have the darker of the shades
The packaging of this is really neat
I use this on my legs when I'm wearing shorts and I want a bronzy glow for the day
This is something that just washes off at the end of the day
The smell of this is actually really nice
It's pretty much just really clean smelling

Sexy U Chocolate Java Dark Tanning Lotion
I believe this is only for indoor tanning
I only used this a few times before I quit going to the tanning bed
I didn't really notice a difference using this compared to no tanning lotion
It smells just like chocolate! yummy

I've really been wanting to try the Xen Tan products. Is it worth the money?
Let me know of any other good tanning products you girls have tried!


  1. what tanning products work then? I want to try xen tan and st morriz. Do they work tho? Like I wont look too orange? Im a new follower hun, Hope you can follow me back

  2. Brilliant post, simple and straight to the point. The St Tropaz Gradual Tan is great, i've done a post on my blog so take a look :)

  3. Wow what great finds you have here on your blog. and i saw love your nail polish collection from ur previous post, jealous me.

    BTW, come visit my site at

    See yah there.

  4. Kim,
    I haven't tried xen tan yet but I really would like to try it soon.
    The St moriz will not make you orange. It has more of a green tone just help not make you orange. It is definitely my favorite.

  5. Great post! I use Victoria Secret Beach Sexy self tan lotion and really like it. They also have the spray which is great for touch-ups.